Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Class of 2011!

As I approach graduation, I am nervous, joyful and excited to finally receive a Bachelors Degree in Theology. When I was a freshman at Estrella Mountain Community College, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I hinted at getting a degree in public speaking or in communications; at one point, I even thought about being a paramedic (ha imagine me patching up your wounds). However, the Lord had different plans for me.

After my sophomore year at Estrella Mountain Community College, I transferred to Holy Cross College located in Notre Dame, IN. I also had the opportunity to be in seminary formation for a year and half on the campus of one of the most elite Catholic universities in the world-Notre Dame! Now, I am finishing up my last semester at Holy Cross College, highly anticipating graduating.

In three months, I will join the 6.7 percent of the world who holds a college degree (Huffington Post). It is truly an honor because I will be the first in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. I must say that theology is one of the most underrated and toughest degrees out there. In the words of G.K. Chesterton, theology is the “brains of religion”, the queen of all sciences. In the most humble way possible, as a theology student, I tackle the most important questions of life: Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Who is God? Theology seeks to understand the mystery of faith which has drawn people since the beginning of time.

Moreover, trying to understand the mystery of God means reading a lot of books and writing papers. During my time at Holy Cross College, I have written eighty two papers-ranging from 2pgs to 28pgs. I have well read over one hundred books and articles. There is a joke when one receives a Theology degree he/she takes the vow of poverty, because it is one of the lowest paying degrees. On the other hand, in the words of Jesse Romero—we have a heck of a retirement plan (God willing-heaven!).

So what is going to happen after I graduate? I hope to start full-time ministry in the Catholic Church. This is a bit broad because as you know, the Catholic Church is huge! Church options include teaching, social work, healthcare, or working with youth, the poor, the elderly or other forms of ministry in parish settings, missions, or schools.

I am also graduating with another degree, more important than a theology degree. This degree is stamped on my soul, which is the Christian formation through the Congregation of Holy Cross. Even though, I am no longer in the seminary, I was still trained by the Holy Cross priests and brothers to be a man with hope to bring. Please continue to pray for me as I finish my last three months.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breakin' the Bricks! 150,000

Brick Breaker High Score! But then my phone randomly turned off and I lost it!!! Luckily, I was able to take a pic of it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jack Frost aint messing around!

Jack Frost aint messing around! It has been three weeks since I have started living on the campus of Holy Cross College. It’s been an intense and super busy time for me. The first weekend back, I was off to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life Rally. Besides the boring thirteen hour ride in a bus with college students, twenty degree weather, and metro stops, the weekend was quite eventful and inspiring.
I have also just survived my first blizzard, hence, a snow day meaning no school!
In addition, I have also been adjusting to living the lay life and having a girlfriend. Wait, did he say girlfriend? Yes, and she is white. Wait, did he say white? Yes, does he still have swag?...Absolutely. I will get to her in a minute.

The transition out of the seminary and into the “real world” has been quite challenging but peaceful. However, the word discipline takes on an entirely new meaning. The great St. Josemaria Escriva, “If you lose the supernatural meaning of your life, your charity will be philanthropy; your purity, decency; your mortification, stupidity; your discipline, a whip; and all your works, fruitless” ( The Way, 280). Some people are led to believe when someone leaves seminary formation, their love for God diminishes and their Catholic faith ceases to exist, unfortunately, in some cases they do. On the other hand, when one discerns properly and in accordance to the will of God, they come to realize their love for God becomes deeper and stronger. I would like to call this period of my life, walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33).

Back to the topic of girlfriend. Her name is Amanda Cup and yes she is white but I tell her deep down inside she is Nicaraguan, she just doesn’t know yet. Did you know Jesus was Nicaraguan? More about her will be said in later blogs but for now, just know that she is wonderful but most importantly Roman Catholic! She truly sanctifies me and inspires me to model myself after St. Joseph. One of the best parts about this relationship is our desire to pray together. We know that a relationship is not a relationship unless Jesus Christ is invited. She also proofreads by theology papers! I get better at writing and she deepens her faith by correcting my papers. I do not know what the Lord has planned for this relationship but I do know that I am blessed to have her in my life. I also know that she is even more blessed to have me in her life haha. Just kidding. Every minute she spends with me, her purgatory time decreases.
I am excited to end this last semester of college. Who knows? I might stay here in South Bend or in Chicago or…back to Phoenix. All I know is that I am extremely happy and peaceful right now---let the Lord’s will be done!