Monday, May 25, 2009

Defend Life....

Love to be real, must cost, must hurt. It must empty us of self. Hungry for love, he looks at you. Thirsty for kindness, he begs of you. Naked for loyalty, he hopes in you. Homeless for shelter in your heart, he asks of you. Will you be that one to Him?

I walk down the pot hole, muddy street corners of Nicaragua. As I look across the street with my brother, we find 2 homeless brothers flagging us down as to get our attention. We approach the two brothers, and they greet us with a smi
le and laughter.I look over the youngest ones shoulder, (here in the pic, the one on the left with the sweet JO JO curls) and he looks over to his Mother, and his Mother looked like a walking skeleton. Her face was dirty, she was barefoot, she lived in a hut, she obviously did not have any money. She paused and looked dead into my eyes........ and smiled.

Why did she have these kids? they are poor, prob. without a father, impoverished, dirty, their life doesn't mean anything..... With the high rape crimes in NIcaragua she was prob. raped,They are going to live here forever and they will never get out. They will never be someone or contribute to this world. She should have aborted these kids. Why didn't she?

Hmmm maybe the same reason why Mary did not abort Jesus. Mary knew she wasn't going to have the fanciest camel in Bethlehem, or not the nicest manger. The same reason this mother knew she was destined for a lifetime of poverty. But they put their selfishness aside and knew that Life is up to the hands of the Creator. That life is the most precious gift from God. Trust me, i know all the opposing argu
ments and i can answer the pro-life positions with ease, but it comes down to Life and the Potential.

You see, it wasnt a mistake that those poor brothers encountered me and my brother. God was sending a message to both of us, that we are precious and honored, in his eyes and he loves u
s Is 40:3.How did God talk to us? through the smile and laughter of this poor family...

Here in America over 4,000 babies are slaughtered in their mothers womb, they never get that chance to smile and make others laugh. Having encountered many teens and kids in my ministry, i have been able to see the beauty in every single one of them, yes including my lil sis holding a fake baby in this picture(crystal). I have been able to see the extraordinary love that God has for them. The gift of Life. That is why we have to stand up for our brothers and sisters being murdered daily. We may
never know, that brother could have been my brother or sister who is giving the smile, better yet receiving the smile.

Well those two poor brothers turned to me and with a smile from Jesus, clutched their fist and embraced it with my
fist. Jesus looking at me and saying," Good Job you recognized me".

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