Saturday, June 19, 2010

So this is Boston huh?

This morning, six of us headed towards Boston, one of the oldest cities in the United States. If you know me then you know how much I hate driving, so of course the girls gave me the keys to drive to the city. Boston's freeway system is insane. It was clearly designed by a person who had spent his childhood crashing toy trains.

As soon as we made it to Boston, you know we had to get something to eat, so Spikes it was, known for its “Junkyard Dogs”. And boy did it live up to its name.

Best Hot Dogs ever... Okay back to the city. We made our way across the Charles Basin River.

It was truly a refreshing sight. After spending several years in AZ, any body of water is truly a blessing. We continued on with our Boston tour and made our ways through several streets, and tall buildings kinda looked like New York City.

but the people were much nicer, a bit too nice. We then made our way to Boston Harbor, where Kevin, Emily and I posed for a picture..

We then we to Faneuil Hall, which is like a big market place. Basically for us on the Westside, the swap mart, but not as hood.

We were also entertained by a street performer who juggled swords, all while spinning a blade from his mouth?

We concluded our day by passing by Boston Gardens... Sorry Boston but I'm from the West- GO Kobe!

Overall not to impressed. Once you see one big city, they all start to look the same. However, I am grateful for this opportunity to experience a new city. Next week I will be returning to the Rotten Apple- Brooklyn, Harlem and Staten Island:)


  1. Excuse me. The Rotten Apple? So help me God if you don't want to sleep with the fishes you'll take that back and smarten up, young man!

  2. sounds like the only thing you enjoyed was the food.... go figure LOL hope you're having an amazing time