Thursday, May 6, 2010

21st Birthday!

On May 3rd I celebrated my birthday by waking up to receive the best birthday gift ever; the Eucharist (Mass in the Log Chapel). Well actually I woke up at 7am in the morning to eat an omelet at South Dining Hall. But that is beside the point.

(Not actual picture of mass on my b day, but it works)

After 2 finals, I took a birthday nap. Followed the nap, Fr. Stephen aka the one who wrote the letter, Brendan, Braydn, Ben and I went to Polito’s Pizza.

And If you are wondering on whether or not I had a drink for my 21st Birthday... YES I DID! A water and a Sprite!

Followed by delicious pizza, we went to pay Fr. Kevin a Taco Bell?

If you are wondering why a priest was working at Taco Bell, its because he was raising money for scholarship at Holy Cross College...

Followed by Taco Bell, my birthday was topped off by another great present! Laking Kyle Gruber!!! The Men of Old College cornered Kyle Gruber and threw him in the Lake!!!

Kyle Gruber is the one in the middle with the white shirt!

Also, for those who have doubted that I have made the Old College Undergraduate Program a more urban place... Well...

Them sticking up OC gang signs for Old College.. Thanks to ME~ :)

One Swag at a time..

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