Monday, May 24, 2010

Pass the beats to the left hand side.

It's almost been a year and a half since I last made a beat, partially, because I left all of my equipment at home. Before I had any form of "official" equipment, I was making beats in the back of my 7th and 8th grade class rooms with pencils. Some of my friends said I had some real talent and I should make a beat for an upcoming rap artist. So I went for it. I bought my fist Korg 16 beat padKontrol and music software and the rest is history. My beats would appear on Mix Tapes and the radio (98.3) and would circuit around mainline producers. Unfortunately, because of the filth that Hip-Hop was saturated in and still is, I decided I no longer wanted to contribute to their false message.

Picture taken Lamar Langston

After receiving e-mails after e-mails of people asking me if I could please upload a beat, I decided to give a sample. This is rare for me to do because as the saying goes,"a magician never reveals his secret". Here is a video of me making a beat on the spot...

Its funny what inspired me to make a beat again, I was praying the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hrs) and I ran across Rev 14:3, " They were singing a new hymn before the throne of God"... I was like, "I dont think God would mind having a beat to go along with their worship ? haha.

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  1. NICE!!! Had never seen you in action! Multi talented for sure. God bless all your gifts and talents He has so graciously given to you!