Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't bite the APPLE Eve--A trip to New York

Last Thursday, I left from Lawrence Massachusetts to make my 4th appearance to New York City. After making my way through the Boston Commuter Rails and Buses I was in Times Square where I was awaited by my childhood friend Jordan Mckee, Domingo Pesos aka Gallo. Jordan and I have been friends since the 5th grade and we have always talked about being in New York together to experience the city.

Jordan currently goes to St. Francis in Brooklyn. Since I had only a day to spend with him, my time was short so we made our way to Brooklyn’s finest pizza spot and grubbed before heading uptown. It certainly was no Brothers Pizza but it was pretty bomb.

But we had one goal in mind- Harlem! Last time I went to Harlem, I stayed in Spanish Harlem but this time I wanted to experience the west side of Harlem and see the mural of one of my favorite childhood rap artist who was gunned down in 1999- Big L.

After our visit to the Big L mural, we headed to Rucker Park, the worlds famous basketball court. I grew up hoping to have my chance to visit Rucker Part and it was truly a touching experience. Home of Alimoe and Skip to my Lou from And 1.


I concluded my Thursday evening and got well rested for the following day to come. I finally made my way from Brooklyn to Times Square where I would meet Fr. Stephen Koeth C.S.C. aka the one who wrote the letter. I felt so proud of myself because I made it through the NY subways all by myself.

I was greeted by Fr. Stephen and finally was in his hood’ or neighborhood. After walking through bits of the city, we decided to go to the world famous Metropolitan of Art Museum. It was my first “official museum”.

Fr. Stephen must have been texting Jesus

It was a great experience not only because I went with an historian but most especially because of the mid-evil section that was displayed at the museum. It had Catholic written all over it. Followed this exploration of the museum, Fr. Stephen and I met Chris (Old Collegian) and Joey at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for mass.

Fr. Stephen Koeth Concelebrating!

Before we went back to Staten Island we made a pit stop enjoying Times Square!

The following day we toured the rest of the city including the World Trade Center:

Followed we ate lunch at the famous Katz's Deli-Best Sandwiches and Root Beer I ever had!

After wrestling with the humidity, and a long bus ride home, I made it back to Lawrence, Massachusetts.

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