Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ryan in New Hampshire!

Early Saturday morning, the SSLP team of Lawrence headed to a beach party at the Perocchi's house in Seabrook, New Hampshire. Mr. Perocchi is also the CEO of Pebble Beach and has two children who graduated from Notre Dame. He invited us over for a time of relaxation and enjoyment. It was truly an unforgettable and amazing experience. I arrived to their home and thought I was doing an episode for MTV Cribs...

It was truly a beautiful home. After my making my tour around the home, we went into the backyard...the beach?

The water was mad cold therefore I did not go in. After chillin' on the beach, we made our way to lunch and I was forced to try clams and butter straight from the sea...

I am Nicaragua (Hispanic) I am a mantequilla con pan type of guy! Not a fan of clams. After letting my food settle, I made my way to the front yard--a full size basketball court?

I even got a game in with the lil homie, and he killed him.

Is it a sin to be rich? NO! Being rich is not incompatible with true poverty of spirit. With great wealth comes an equally great obligation in charity. Mr. Perrochi a faithful Catholic has a very powerful story. Perocchi's mother died in a car crash when he was 9. His father, a World War II veteran, was disabled when a tree branch landed on his head. With little financial stability, Perocchi was just another child from the projects from Lawrence. He turned up at the Boys & Girls Club every day after school with dreams of something better. After several years of working hard—he is now a multi-millionaire! I asked him, do you ever get afraid of being around the wealthy? He said, “Ryan I am still the kid from the wrong side of the tracks in Lawrence who just got a break from God”. Every year he hands a check for 1 million dollars to the Boys and Girls Club to give to the next generation of poor children looking for a break. Certainly material wealth can be an obstacle.. It is a sin to put anything before God. Many people's God is money. Jesus did not say it's impossible for a rich man to enter God's Kingdom, but difficult. Wealthy people often think they don't need God; they have power, respect, and are fawned over by others. But Mr. Perrochi told me a prayer that serves as a friendly reminder to him: "God, keep me from being poor so that I am not tempted to steal, and keep me from being rich so that I will not forget you..."

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