Monday, January 10, 2011

Jersey Shore

*warning another rant*
Every time I come home for break, I make it a tradition to spend one full day watching TV. I do this because our blessed Lord calls us “to be of this world but not part of the world”(Jn 17:11). Hence, I like to know what people are watching, especially the youth. As I browse through MTV and VHI, I come across 16 and Pregnant, I used to be Fat, Teen Mom, Celebrity Rehab, Basketball Wives, and Mario Lopez, Saved by the Baby. However, there is one show that directly and purposefully goes against the message of chastity and purity-Jersey Shore.

Not only does this show wrongfully play up every stereo typical Italian from New Jersey but it illustrates how sex is portrayed as a recreational activity. The point of Jersey Shore? To view these young people experience a right of passage as they indulge in everything the summer and the night life of Jersey Shore has to offer including parties, friendship, and love (This is the websites explanation not mine).On June 6, the producer of the reality show “Jersey Shore” admitted that she fed her promiscuous cast a steady diet of Valtrex in order to manage herpes outbreaks. I don’t think love means being on a Valtrex diet.This show suffocates any notion of true love, freedom, waiting till marriage, courtship, chastity, abstinence, purity, commitment, and Jesus Christ! No wait, they do represent Jesus Christ to some extent---they wear iced out rosaries around their neck! Sorry homeboy, but my Jesus Christ was nailed to a dirty, wooden, and bloody tree. He wasn’t gracefully laid out on some diamond cut, black slim, luxury lace! It’s pretty sad to see how a TV show celebrates and glamorize sin. It’s even sadder to see how many viewers are attracted to this nonsense.

Before you get the impression that I am condemning a specific cast member or those who watch it, I am not. I am not condemning the sinner but I hate the sin! Yes, I hate this show; therefore, I refuse to watch it. I am not giving up on these people, it might seem a bit weird and silly, but if we are ever going to turn this hedonistic sexual revolution around, then we must pray for them. We must be vigilant about promoting the Gospel message of true love: Sacrifice and commitment. We must pray that the Lord may have mercy on them, not just them, but for all of us. Mark Hart once said, “that God loves the Pope as much as He loves the prostitute.”

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